Chris Christopher Cosma scentmelts Hannover

Chris (CEO & Co-Founder)

We develop and produce our scent melts entirely in the heart of Hanover
Joy of our neighbors who are visibly happy with our location.

Our unique fragrance creations create an atmospheric profile and
prepare harmonious moments for you, your family, friends and guests.

Chido (CEO & Co-Founder)


These are little olfactory adventures captured in sustainable soy wax.

Put the scent melt in a scented warmer and light the tea light underneath.
The scentmelt melts and releases its high-quality aromas in the room.

For a home you look forward to

Scents to melt away

Every scentmelt must pass a practical test before we offer it. Different people rate our scents. This is how we guarantee that only the best fragrances make it into our range.