These are little olfactory adventures captured in sustainable soy wax.

Put the scent melt in a scented warmer and light the tea light underneath. The scentmelt melts and releases its high-quality aromas in the room.

home sweet home

Make yourself comfortable! Sit back and let your thoughts and senses unwind. Scentmelts round off your home and give your cozy home a very personal touch. From fresh-fruity to woody-spicy to very unusual scent creations such as “Freshly baked bread”, we offer you an olfactory selection: as individual as you are!

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It's that easy

1. Pour scentmelt into scented warmers.

2. Light the tea light. Scentmelt melts.

3. Enjoy the aroma journey.

That’s what makes scentmelts so special

Fragrance oils are always used in combination with water. The water also evaporates the fragrance oil, which is released into the air we breathe. Water must be constantly added to prevent the oil from deflagrating. Stubborn stains and limescale residue remain.

It's different with scent melts! The wax melts and the high-quality scents are only warmed, not cooked. The scent development is therefore healthier, better, longer lasting and more consistent.

There is no need to add more to the scented warmer during the entire duration of the scent.

Removing the scent melts is also child's play and can be done in just a few seconds without smudging.


Cheeky fruits

High quality hand production

In the heart of Hanover, we develop and produce our scent melts to the delight of our neighbors who are visibly happy with our location.

Our unique fragrance creations create an atmospheric profile and create harmonious moments for you, your family, friends and guests.

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